Ariyan Mehedi: “May the souls of those who lost their lives in the ‘Bailey Road’ fire, Rest In Peace.”

Bailey Road fire Dhaka Bangladesh
Bangladeshi singer-songwriter and music producer, Ariyan Mehedi said, “How easy it is to die in this city! The light of Bailey Road, now a dead city, all around the smell of burning! Stunning everyone, more than 43 fresh lives were destroyed in the fire in an instant. May the souls of those who lost their lives in the ‘Bailey Road’s fire, Rest In Peace.”

At least 43 people were killed, and over 20 others sustained severe injuries by a devastating fire on Thursday night, which engulfed a commercial building in the capital’s Bailey Road area that housed several restaurants. Even,

Two Kacchi Bhai employees killed in Bailey Road fire.

Most of the people died as they jumped off the building or from burns or suffocation, said firefighters who brought the fire under control around 12:30am.

Fire officials say the blaze spread fast due to the presence of gas cylinders on several floors in the restaurant kitchens. People could not leave the building due to smoke in the staircase.