Sheikh Hasina has become the center of attention’


Foreign Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has become the focus of everyone’s attention at the Munich Security Conference in Germany. All the world leaders greeted and congratulated him.

He said this at a press briefing on participation in various programs of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in Munich on Friday.

The Foreign Minister said that the Prime Minister had a very busy time at the Munich Security Conference. He participated in seven bilateral meetings and one panel discussion. Sheikh Hasina met with the Prime Minister of Qatar, Prime Minister of Denmark, Director General of World Health Organization, President of Women Political Leaders, Chairman of Meta Global. Besides, the Prime Minister discussed various bilateral issues including Palestine and Rohingya in the meeting with the Prime Ministers of Denmark and Qatar.

He also said that in the meeting with Sheikh Hasina, the director general of the organization congratulated Saima Wazed for being the regional director of the World Health Organization.

Dr. Hashan Mahmud said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had a meeting with the senior managing director of the World Bank. The World Bank has committed $16 billion in 56 ongoing projects. The World Bank has pledged $509 million in budgetary support to Bangladesh. Besides, the World Bank has recently pledged 700 million dollars for Rohingya and poor people. In the meeting, the Prime Minister requested the World Bank to quickly disburse the budgetary support. He also thanked the World Bank for financing various projects in Bangladesh.

Earlier, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina arrived in Germany to attend the Munich Security Conference on Thursday. He is scheduled to return to Dhaka on February 19