Prime Minister assures not to provide load shedding in Tarabi-Seheri during Ramadan

Ramadan, the month of fasting for Muslims, is almost here. Generally heatwave starts in the country from mid-March. And this year, almost all of Ramadan is spent in the scorching month of Chaitra. Therefore, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that there will be no loadshedding during Tarabi and Seheri of devout Muslims taking this matter into consideration. However, in case of crisis, load shedding can be done at a certain time of the day, he said.

The Prime Minister said these things during the question and answer session in the National Parliament on Wednesday (February 28).

In response to the question of Abul Kalam, member of parliament from Natore-1 constituency, regarding uninterrupted power supply during Tarabi prayers in Ramadan, Sheikh Hasina said, “We spend a lot of money to generate electricity. I distribute it in the form of subsidy. Now the price of everything including oil, LNG and transport has gone up globally. Still we have uninterrupted power supply efforts. It is true that since we have shortage of fuel oil and LNG. So from time to time… you also know that due to mechanical issues… etc. power generation is reduced or interrupted due to some reason. That’s why we have already decided that there will be no problem of electricity during Taraweeh prayers and Sehri.

The head of government said that if it is necessary to save electricity, load shedding can be done for two-three hours at a time of the day when the demand is less. In this, load shedding will be at a tolerable level, and there will be no shortage of electricity. There will be no crisis especially during Tarabi and Seheri. Our efforts will remain the same.

Sheikh Hasina said that in the past there was load shedding for a long time during the day, but once there was load shedding for 10/12 hours in the country, now it is not the same. But I think sometimes it is good to have it (load shedding). Otherwise people will forget the past. At least you will understand where I was and where I am.

The Prime Minister also said that Ramadan is the month of austerity. But here, without moderation, people’s consumption increases. Recently, you will see that the prices of some products in the market have started to decrease.