Imprisonment for duty teacher of SSC examination center in Kaliakore

The Executive Magistrate sentenced a teacher named Saikat Hossain to one month’s unpaid imprisonment and fined two hundred rupees for taking pictures of the question paper inside the center with a smart phone during the SSC examination in Kaliakore of Gazipur and while on duty.

The incident took place at Father of the Nation Bangabandhu School and College SSC examination center at 10:30 am on Tuesday (February 20).
The jailed teacher is Saikat Hossain, a teacher of the English Department of Upazila Safipur Ideal School and College. According to mobile court sources, 6 thousand 710 examinees are participating in six centers in Kaliakair Upazila like all over the country.
229 examinees participated in the entrance examination, 347 in the vocational examination simultaneously participated in the SSC examination. On Tuesday morning at 10:30 a.m., during the English test at the Father of the Nation Government High School Center, a teacher named Saikat Hossain on duty as center duty was taking a picture of the question paper with his smart mobile phone. Later found the answer in the question paper inside his phone. On the spot, the teacher was sentenced to one month of unpaid work and fined 200 taka.
At that time, various officials of the police and upazila administration were present in the mobile court. Upazila secondary officer Zakir Hossain Molla said that he served as a religion teacher inside the center. It is known that he is a teacher of English department. Photos and answer sheets are available on his smartphone. He has been sentenced to one month’s imprisonment for this.
Executive Magistrate and Executive Officer Hossain Mohammad Hai Joki said, defying the government instructions, a smartphone was found in his possession during duty and he took a picture of the question paper. The mobile court conducted a one month imprisonment without work and fined 200 taka.