Sick medical advice for pain relief, not YouTube

Many suffer from back or neck pain. But it is not a disease, only a symptom of the disease. It may be possible to temporarily control back, neck or other physical pain simply by taking pain medication or doing some exercise. But to eliminate the cause of pain must be curative treatment or disease modifying treatment. Such treatment should be consulted by an expert, not YouTube or social media.

What are the cures for diseases?

If you are sick due to bacterial infection, the antibiotic course that is done to destroy the bacteria in the body is the easy treatment to cure the disease in Bengali. But the causes of physical pain are not so specific and in most cases there is no medicine in the world to modify them. Eliminating the cause of pain therefore depends on specific exercises.

Many people ask, what are the different types of exercise? Just as specific antibiotics are given to kill specific bacteria, so the exact cause of pain is identified and specific exercises are performed. Let’s say your back pain is caused by spondylolisthesis. If you do back extension exercises in this case, it will have the opposite effect. Again, many long-term back pains are psychological. No exercise will work in that case.

What should the patient do?

Many pain relief exercises are very popular. Just open YouTube or Facebook to see different types of exercise techniques. But such exercise often brings danger. The number of patients suffering from waist, neck or knee problems after watching YouTube exercises is not small and this number is increasing day by day.

After seeing the exercise with thousands of views on YouTube, many patients think that the exercise will also work to solve their problem. This is actually a misconception. Each person’s body reacts differently to different conditions and is sensitive to different treatments. Therefore, the importance and popularity of personalized treatment is increasing all over the world. The essence of personalized medicine is patient care. This treatment works precisely according to the needs of the patient. Needless to say, the results of such treatment are very good.

If you are sick, just as you have to buy medicine from the pharmacy without consulting a doctor, you have to be in danger, just like watching YouTube or social media, doing popular but wrong exercises can increase the pain and damage the body. Consult a specialist for the resulting pain, stay healthy