10 new guidelines for private clinics and hospitals

The Department of Health has issued 10-point new instructions including pulling the license of private hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers at the entrance, appointment of information officers and labor room protocol obligations. At the same time, it has been informed that these instructions must be followed.
On Thursday (February 22), the director of the hospital and clinic branch of the Department of Health. Abu Hossain Md. This order has been given in an office order signed by Moinul Ahsan.
It is said that for the information and necessary action of all concerned, it is being informed that the conditions mentioned in the management of private hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers have been directed to be followed compulsorily.

The instructions are that copies of licenses of private clinics, hospitals and diagnostics must be permanently displayed in a visible place in front of the main entrance of the establishment. In the case of all private health care institutions, there should be a designated responsible information officer-employee for the storage and delivery of all information of the institution. At the same time his photo and mobile number should be displayed in a visible place.
Organizations that are named as

Diagnostics and Hospitals, but only have a Diagnostic or Hospital license, cannot provide the services mentioned in the name without obtaining a license. In the case of Diagnostic Centres, Pathological Laboratories in the category in which they are licensed, no tests other than those prescribed in that category can be carried out. Specialists in Pathology or Microbiology, Biochemistry and Radiology should be appointed as per category.

In the case of private clinics and hospitals, all conditions must be implemented compulsorily according to the type of license and the number of beds. Professional degree certificate, updated registration and appointment letter of BMDC of all doctors employed in hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers must be kept. For any type of operation or procedure in hospitals, clinics, registered doctors must be kept as surgeon’s assistants.

Under no circumstances shall anesthesia be administered in chambers or diagnostic centers except in licensed or registered hospitals and clinics. Any kind of operation/surgery/interventional procedure cannot be done without BMDC recognized specialist.

Labor room protocol must be followed in all private registered licensed hospitals, clinics. Operation theaters in registered or licensed hospitals, clinics must adhere to operation theater etiquette. The order mentions that the director general of the health department has approved this directive.