Baubi Full-time Research Professorship and Adjunct Faculty Program

In view of Bangladesh Open University’s vision of ‘open career-oriented, mass-oriented and life-long education’, Baubi Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Full Time Research Professor, Full Time Associate Research Professor and Adjunct Faculty proposed by Syed Humayun Akhtar.
It was approved unanimously in the 193rd meeting of the Board of Governors of Baubi recently. Vice-Chancellor was thanked in this meeting for giving such innovative, contemporary and groundbreaking proposal.
Moreover, it was agreed in the meeting that if this proposal is implemented, it will create a field and environment for fundamental research and improve the quality of education which will set a significant example in Baubi.
Under this program, researchers from home and abroad can collect research funds from domestic and foreign organizations and conduct research at Baubi and they will be given all the support from Baubi. Research funded by various ministries of Bangladesh government, industrial institutes and international organizations
The salaries of the project head and other researchers, officers and employees employed in the research work will be met from the research project fund.
MPhil, PhD degree programs will also be conducted under full time researchers. New laboratories and research areas will be created in the university, foreign students and researchers will show interest in studying and researching in the university of Bangladesh. Bridges of cooperation between public and private universities and industrial institutions will be created which will play an effective role in achieving smart education system. If the full-time research program continues, the universities of Bangladesh will be able to reach international standards and the socio-economic development of Bangladesh will be faster.
Overall, this scheme will help in achieving SDG 2030 and Vision 2041. Other universities also have scope for extensive research activities at Baubi through networking of Baubi regional and sub-regional centers spread across the country. The research results will be published in national and international journals.

Note that the activities of Research Professorship and Adjunct Faculty mentioned in Baubi will be implemented soon. In the light of this program, the vice-chancellor of Baubi invited the researchers of domestic and foreign universities and research institutes to implement research projects for the welfare of the people of the country.