A four-day long book fair is going to be organized under the initiative of Rabi Science Club


A four-day book fair is going to be held under the initiative of Rajshahi University (Rabi) Science Club, focusing on February, the month of language.
Tomorrow, February 18 (Sunday), University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Golam Sabbir Sattar will inaugurate the book fair.
This year’s book fair will have more than 30 thousand books in about 20 stalls. Talking to the organizers, it is known that there is a huge treasure of Bengali literature there.Bengali novels, poetry, science fiction, thrillers and adventures, Islamic books, children’s and juvenile works, liberation war and language movement books, political books, history books and books by famous foreign authors can be found in the stalls. This year’s book fair includes Prathama Prakashan, University Press Limited, Gyanakosh Prakashan and several other publications. There is a chance of unveiling.

Regarding the fair, Rabi Science Club President Masud said, “There is no alternative to reading books, so in this age of smartphones, Rajshahi University Science Club is going to organize for the fifth time “Amar Ekushe Granth Cottage-2024” to make people interested in reading books. We get a lot of response from the readers in this fair. Books play an important role in the development of human thinking, creativity and above all to become a good person