UN expert threatened after Israeli calls Gaza brutality ‘genocide’

UN Special Envoy Francesca Albanese has complained that there is a reason to believe that Israeli forces have carried out mass killings in Gaza since the start of a military campaign against the Palestinian independence movement Hamas.

He presented a report titled ‘Anatomy of Genocide’ to the United Nations Human Rights Council. However, Israel rejected the report. Then this human rights expert said that he received threats on Wednesday.

In response to the question of whether she received threats for her report, Francesca said, ‘Yes, I received threats. But so far, I haven’t felt the need for extra caution. And speaking of pressure, there is that. However, it will not change my commitment to the work or the results of the work.

Francesca has been serving as the United Nations Special Envoy since 2022. However, he did not say what kind of threats he received after the publication of such reports against Israel. He did not even reveal who made the threat.

“It’s a very difficult time,” says Francesca. Since the beginning of the work, I have been injured in various ways.

Regarding the report, Israel said the expert tried to dismiss the legitimacy of Israel’s creation and existence.

However, Francesca rejected the accusation against Israel.