This time, Israel attacked the car of the United Nations observers

The Israeli military launched an airstrike on a vehicle carrying UN observers in southern Lebanon. A number of UN observers were injured in the Israeli attack in the border town of Ramesh on Saturday. This information was reported by the British news agency Reuters, citing two security sources in Lebanon.
However, Israeli military spokesman Avichai Adrei denied the allegations of Israeli airstrikes on the vehicles of the United Nations peacekeeping mission UNIFIL in southern Lebanon. Neither UNIFIL nor the UN Technical Observer Mission UNTS had an immediate comment on the attack.
A Lebanese security source said three UN technical observers and a Lebanese translator were in the car that was attacked. Another source said several people in the vehicle were injured in the Israeli attack.
Since the start of the Hamas-Israeli war on October 7, the Iranian-backed Lebanese armed group Hezbollah has launched daily rocket and missile attacks targeting Israeli territory and military posts. Hizbullah has even clashed and exchanged fire with members of the Israeli military. Almost six months of these attacks and counter-attacks have resulted in military and civilian casualties on both sides.
At least 270 Hezbollah fighters have been killed so far in the country by Israeli military strikes, Lebanese government sources said. Another 50 civilians were killed in the Israeli attack in Lebanon. Among the dead are children, doctors and journalists. Members of the United Nations peacekeeping mission UNIFIL and the Lebanese military have also been targeted by Israeli attacks.
Earlier, in November last year, UNIFIL reported that a UNIFIL vehicle was hit by Israeli fire in southern Lebanon. However, there was no casualty in that incident. Last month, the UN peacekeeping mission in the country said the Israeli military had committed a clear violation of international law by striking Lebanese territory and killing a Reuters journalist.