The death toll in Gaza has exceeded 28,500

The number of Palestinians killed by Israelis in Gaza has exceeded 18,500, Al Jazeera reported. Meanwhile, according to The Guardian, progress has been made in talks between Israel and Palestinian Hamas on a cease-fire and hostage release agreement in Gaza. Officials involved in the discussion said this. However, the two sides have not yet reached a final agreement. Meanwhile, according to AFP, South Africa has requested the United Nations High Court to put more legal pressure on Israel to stop ground operations in the densely populated Rafah area of ​​Gaza. Western countries have also taken a critical stance on the Rafah operation.
Deaths and casualties in Gaza: According to the latest estimates given by the Health Authority of Hamas-controlled Gaza until this writing at 9:00 PM Bangladesh time on Wednesday, 28,576 Palestinians have been killed by Israel in Gaza since October 7. The number of injured is 291. On the contrary, the number of Israelis killed in Hamas attacks is 1 thousand 139.
Progress in Ceasefire Talks: US National Security Council spokesman John Kerby said at a briefing in Cairo, Egypt, that they (the negotiators) have had constructive talks and are moving in the right direction. Israel-Hamas talks are going on at a time when Israeli forces are planning a major operation in the southern Palestinian city of Rafah. More than 1 million homeless people are trapped there.
Israel Under Criticism: Israel has come under international criticism for months of indiscriminate attacks on Gaza and violence in the occupied West Bank. Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani has called the Israeli military operation in Gaza ‘disproportionate’. He said the number of victims in Gaza is very high.
The United States and the United Kingdom have previously imposed sanctions on Israel for targeting Palestinians. France entered the list on Tuesday. Emmanuel Macron’s administration has imposed sanctions against dozens of Israeli settlers.
The Israeli Defense Forces released a video on Tuesday. It is said that the top leader of Hamas, Yahya Sinawa, is staying in Rafah with his family. They are seen in a tunnel. The black-and-white footage was captured on October 10 last year.
South African pressure to end ground operations: South Africa on Tuesday urged the International Criminal Court (ICJ) to put more legal pressure on Israel to end ground operations in the densely populated Rafah area of ​​Gaza. Meanwhile, Pretoria appealed to the ICJ accusing Israel of violating the Genocide Convention in Gaza. The court is yet to rule on that petition. However, on January 26, the court ordered Israel to ensure the protection of Palestinian civilians in Gaza and the provision of humanitarian aid in an interim order.
Despite ICZ orders, Israel continued the operation. Their forces are preparing ground operations alongside airstrikes in the densely populated Rafah city. More than half of Gaza’s 2.3 million residents have sought refuge in the city of Rafah to escape Israeli attacks.
South Africa requested the ICJ to reconsider its interim order against Israel and issue a stricter order. This order can be given on the basis of their interim orders. South Africa said the situation in Gaza required the court’s urgent attention since the interim order. It said, ‘We are deeply concerned about Israel’s continued military offensive in Gaza.’ South Africa says Israel has already announced a ground operation in the town of Rafah, which will result in more killing, damage and destruction. The country’s president’s office warned that this would be a gross violation of the Genocide Convention and the January 26 court order.

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