US Senate passes Israel-Ukraine aid bill

The Senate, the upper house of the US Parliament, has passed a proposed $95 billion bill for Ukraine, Taiwan and occupying Israel. There was uncertainty about this bill for the past few months. Although the Democrat senators agreed to this bill; Earlier, a section of Republican senators vetoed the bill. Meanwhile, Kiev claimed to have sunk a Russian warship. BBC news.
According to the report, out of this $95 billion, $60 billion is proposed to be given to Ukraine, $14 billion to Israel for its brutal war against the Gazans of Palestine, and $10 billion for humanitarian aid to Gaza and other war-torn areas.
This bill will now go to Congress, the lower house of Parliament. But going there will it pass or not; There is uncertainty about this.
Meanwhile, the armed forces of Ukraine claimed to have sunk a huge amphibious Russian warship in the Black Sea. They say that the Ukrainian Armed Forces claimed to have sunk the large Russian amphibious warship Caesar Kunikov in the Crimean Peninsula.

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