Situation in Gaza is hellish, borders must be opened quickly: German Foreign Minister

German Foreign Minister Annalena Bierbock has called for more humanitarian aid to be sent to the Gaza Strip and to open the border as soon as possible. He described the situation in Gaza as “hell.”.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Bierbock is visiting the Middle East. On Tuesday (March 26), he visited the Israel-Gaza border region of Kerem Shalom. There, he told reporters, “The situation in Gaza is hellish.” Borders should be opened quickly, and more humanitarian aid should be sent there.

Germany has increased its allocation to the World Food Program (WFP), Bierbock said. An additional one million euros has been given to bring the situation in Gaza under control.

The German foreign minister said, ‘There is no time to discuss where the problem is still tangled. Trucks carrying humanitarian aid into Gaza through the Rafah border are searched three times. All things are taken down. Either way, this process needs to be speeded up. As a result, humanitarian aid is not reaching Gaza as quickly as it needs to.

Analena Beyerbock said both Egypt and Israel gave her information on how the trucks entered Gaza. In fact, he was the first foreign minister allowed by Israel to visit Kerem Shalom. He was shown how 120 trucks are loaded with humanitarian aid for Gaza every day.

Before the October 7, 2023, incident, 500 truckloads of daily necessities were transported to Gaza every day. Among them, 300 trucks passed through the Kerem Shalom border. It has been reduced to 120 trucks now.

Israel says 12 trucks cross the border every hour. The trucks are checked at two scanners at the Israeli border. It is unclear whether guns, bullets, or any such weapons are being sent along with the exported goods or not.

The news agency DPA reported that Israeli representatives told them that more trucks could pass through. But not enough Palestinian drivers can be found to drive the trucks.

Beerbok also held a meeting with Israel’s foreign minister. A political solution to the two-state issue was also discussed there. The current war situation was also discussed between the two ministers.