Russia on the brink of developing a cancer vaccine

Russian scientists have claimed that they are very close to making a cancer vaccine. On Wednesday (February 14), President Vladimir Putin said that scientists are on the verge of developing a cancer vaccine. It will be opened for patients very soon. This information is known from a report of the British news agency Reuters.

“We are very close to developing a new generation of cancer vaccines and immunomodulatory drugs,” Putin said in a speech at the Moscow Forum on Future Technology. Hopefully soon they will be used effectively as separate therapy methods.

However, no details were given about the type of cancer vaccine being developed. Several countries and companies around the world are working on the discovery of anticancer drugs. Last year, the UK government signed a deal with German company Biontech on cancer treatment. Their goal is to treat 10,000 cancer patients by 2030. Apart from this, Moderna and Marek & Co are working on developing cancer vaccines.

According to the World Health Organization, there are currently six registered vaccines against human papillovirus (HPV). Many cancers are caused by this virus.