India allowed onion exports to Bangladesh.

On the recommendation of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, India has officially allowed the export of onions to five other countries, including Bangladesh.

On Monday (February 19), the Indian media, Economic Times, reported this information.

The media reported that although no decision has been taken to lift the complete ban on onion exports, limited exports of onions have been allowed for bilateral purposes.

However, the media said that detailed information about the amount to be exported is not known. Other countries are Nepal, Bhutan, Bahrain, and Mauritius.

Earlier, the Bangladesh government had sent a formal letter to India to allow certain quantities of sugar and onions to reduce onion prices in the country’s market during the holy month of Ramadan.

India, the world’s second-largest onion exporter, imposed a ban on onion exports in December 2023. Later, this ban was extended until March of this year. India wanted to control rising prices in its domestic market and ensure adequate supply ahead of elections.

India initially imposed a 40 percent tariff on onions to curb its exports. But as this step did not yield the expected results, they imposed a ban.