Harris demands a six-week ceasefire in Gaza.

A Hamas delegation arrives in Egypt for ceasefire talks. Israeli cabinet members went to the US without informing Netanyahu.

US Vice President Kamala Harris gave a speech in Alabama on Sunday. There, he appealed for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

Harris said, “The situation in Gaza is terrible. In this situation, a ceasefire of at least six months should be declared.

This issue is currently being discussed. Harris also said that there should be no excuses for more humanitarian aid to enter Gaza.

Representatives of Qatar and Egypt, along with representatives of Hamas, also joined the talks. A ceasefire is being discussed before the start of Ramadan.

However, the representatives of Israel did not participate in this discussion. After discussions with Hamas, the draft will be sent to Israeli representatives.

Israel wants to know two things. How many of the 100 hostages still held by Hamas are alive?

Second, Israel wants to know how many Palestinian prisoners must be released in exchange for the release of those hostages. Meanwhile, Kamala Harris said Hamas is asking for a ceasefire.

A draft proposal is tabled for them. A ceasefire can be declared only if they accept it.

Benny Gantz, a member of Israel’s left-leaning cabinet, has arrived in the United States. On Sunday, he met with representatives of the US-Israel Public Affairs Committee.

He is also scheduled to meet Vice President Kamala Harris and Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken on Monday. He can also sit in on discussions with the US security adviser.

Gantz is also a member of the wartime cabinet that Netanyahu formed after the conflict in Gaza began.

But recently, various members of the cabinet have started raising their voices against the Prime Minister. Gantz is one of them. Why not all the hostages have been freed? he said.

Meanwhile, Gantz visited the US without informing Netanyahu. In this regard, Netanyahu said, “It must be remembered that there is only one prime minister in Israel.”

A person from Netanyahu’s party told the media that Netanyahu had a heated argument with Gantz.