Creepy new details emerge in nightmare sleepover where dad allegedly served drug-laced mango smoothies to 12-year-old girls

One of the 12-year-old young ladies supposedly took care of medication bound mango smoothies by a companion’s dad during a sleepover guarantees the dreadful Oregon father was “doing tests” to check whether they were cognizant while they professed to rest.

The kid frantically messaged a family companion asking for a ride from the Lake Owego home, saying her companion’s 57-year-old father was causing her to feel risky after he had pressured her and two different young ladies into drinking the smoothies he had bound with benzodiazepine — a depressant that eases back the sensory system, as indicated by a reasonable justification sworn statement got by The Post.

So I’m ‘resting,’ and her father descends and [I’m] embracing [one of the other girls] in light of the fact that she was frightened, and he got moving us far from one another yet continued to do tests to ensure we weren’t conscious,” the unidentified young lady wrote in a text.

Additionally, [the other girl] won’t awaken and she accomplished for like 2 seconds, however she kept her eyes shut and didn’t talk,” the young lady added before the family companion consented to get her.

At the point when the family companion showed up at the home, the young lady remained to get her things and was met by unpleasant father Michael Meyden, who “appeared to be smashed” and slurred his discourse in light of her leaving however didn’t attempt to stop her, the young lady said.