China-India Arms Supply to Myanmar: Russian Ambassador

Alxander Mantitsky, the Russian ambassador assigned to Dhaka, has complained that different parts of Myanmar are being supported by arms from China and India. For this reason, he asked Bangladeshi journalists to find out.

He made this complaint on Thursday (February 15) while participating in the DCAB Talk, an initiative of diplomatic reporters in Bangladesh.

The Russian ambassador said that Moscow wants the repatriation of Rohingyas, and for this reason, Bangladesh should continue to negotiate with Myanmar.

At this time, Alexander Mantitsky spoke about the nature of Russian-Bangladesh relations. He said that this relationship is not only diplomatic but also political and economic. Russia does not see Bangladesh in the eyes of India. They have their own policies about Dhaka.

Stating that Russia is not worried about Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s upcoming meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Germany, he said that Zelensky’s initiative to meet with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is hypocritical, he is doing it to implement his own agenda. This will not affect Bangladesh-Russia bilateral relations.

If the agreement is successful, Bangladesh, like India, will be able to import energy from Russia at a low price, Alexander Mantitsky urged Dhaka to take initiative.