After killing the Palestinians, the Israeli army covered the sand with bulldozers

Israeli soldiers use military bulldozers to bury the bodies of two unarmed Palestinian men after shooting them dead in the Gaza Strip. Al-Jazeera reported that the incident took place on a beach in the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

Al-Jazeera has obtained exclusive video footage of the brutal incident. The video shows two unarmed Palestinians walking on the beach. At one point one of them is seen repeatedly waving a white cloth. Despite posing no threat, the two were shot dead by Israeli soldiers. Later they covered the two bodies with sand with a military bulldozer.

The two victims were near the Nabulsi roundabout, southwest of Gaza City, and were trying to return to their homes in the north of the valley via al-Rashid Street, the only possible route. This is where they encountered the Israeli army.

The video came days after the UN Security Council passed a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and amid growing calls for an end to nearly six months of Israeli attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip