Rubiales gets big punishment for kissing female footballer

Spain is the reigning champion of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. On August 22 of last year, the Spanish girls tasted the world champion for the first time after defeating England. However, Luis Rubiales, the former president of the Spanish Football Federation, caused an obstacle on the stage of the title.

Rubiales kissed Jennifer Hermoso in front of a full gallery of spectators and TV cameras to celebrate winning the World Cup on the podium. After losing his job due to this incident, this former football organizer is going to get a big punishment.

Rubiales basically gets into trouble by kissing Hermoso against her will. He first lost his job due to the incident. After investigation, the matter has been brought to court for trial. If found guilty there, he may have to go to prison.

Durantez, Hermoso’s lawyer, asked for a sentence of 1 year for sexual assault and 18 months or a year and a half for coercion against Rubiales. He also claimed that Rubiales should also pay Hermoso 50,000 euros (Tk 59.4 million) compensation.