30,000 people lost their lives in Israel’s brutality in Gaza

Another 79 Palestinians have been killed in the past 24 hours in brutal Israeli attacks in the besieged Palestinian territory of Gaza. The total death toll in the valley has exceeded 30,000.

In addition, more than 70,000 Palestinians have been injured in this attack since last October. Anadolu media reported this information in a report on Thursday (February 29).

Gaza’s health ministry said the number of Palestinians killed in the Israeli attack in the territory has exceeded 30,000. A statement from the ministry said, “The number of martyrs has exceeded 30,000.”

In addition, at least 79 people were killed in the attack in the darkness of the night, according to the Ministry of Health of Gaza.

Meanwhile, the only functioning hospital in the northern part of the Gaza Strip was forced to close its operations on Wednesday due to lack of fuel. This will deprive residents of the Gaza Strip of essential health care services.

In a statement, the Gaza-based Ministry of Health said that Kamal Adwan Hospital has been closed. According to the statement, the operation of the hospital has been completely stopped due to lack of fuel and inability to operate generators.

It also said that henceforth residents of the region will not have access to dialysis services, intensive care services, pediatric care, medicine services, cardiology care, general surgery and pediatric emergency services.

In addition, the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip has put the Palestinians, especially the residents of northern Gaza, on the brink of starvation.