Parliament can be broken even with low numbers: Chunnu

Jatiya Party Secretary General Mojibul Haque said that according to the current Jatiya Sangsad Act, Jatiya Party got two seats among the 50 reserved seats for women. According to the decision of Jatiya Party Parliamentary Board, Co-Chairman of Jatiya Party Mrs. Salma Islam and former President of Thakurgaon District Jatiya Party Mrs. Nurun Nahar are both experienced and dedicated workers of the party. I have nominated them for the reserved seats on behalf of the party.

He said this after submitting the nomination papers of the two candidates nominated by the Jatiya Party for the reserved women’s seat at the Agargaon election building on Sunday (February 18) morning.
In response to the various questions of the journalists, he said, if 13 of us are active and speak on behalf of the people, the number is not big. A small number can speak for the people. Parliament can be defeated even with low numbers.
“What good will you 13 people do in Parliament,” he said, “If you look at the numbers, there were many opposition parties in the last Parliament. But Parliament is boycotting day after day. It has been boycotting for months and years. The opposition leader has only been boycotting for 10 days in 5 years. Parliament came. So what’s the use of numbers like that.”

“Surely you know the history, when Bangabandhu, the father of the nation, he was the leader of the parliament, only one member of parliament, the late Babu Suranjit Sen Gupta, led the parliament. It seems that out of the 11 people who are currently in parliament, except one, the others were members of parliament several times. There is a capacity to speak in parliament. . Hopefully speaking for the people of this country, giving the government’s lekings, slandering the government, slandering the government in a loud voice.

He said, Jatiya Party history is not election boycott. Because without election there is no chance of change of power in parliament politics. If there is no election in Bangladesh, there is a chance for undemocratic system to be established here. I think we have done the right thing by participating in the elections to keep the democratic continuity intact for the people of the country. When asked whether he saved democracy or the government or saved his own existence by participating in the 7th election, he said, “You take it as you like.” We think democracy is saved.
Meanwhile, Salma Islam, who got the Jatiya Party’s nomination for the

reserved women’s seat, said, I have come again. Let’s see what happens in the end. I will say only one thing – pray for me, I will try, I will be with the people. I will highlight the words of the people.
In response to a question from reporters, he said, “It is very happy to fight for honor.” If I could be today, my heart would be much bigger. I enjoyed it very much. I fought, I’ll take it that I won.
In response to another question from journalists, he said, why should we be an ornament? We are the opposition party. We will always criticize. We have to be with the people. We must say good is good. We will highlight what is not good.