CIB report of MP Khadijatul Anwar summoned

The High Court has summoned the CIB report of Khadijatul Anwar, the winner of the boat symbol of Chittagong-2 (Fatikchari) constituency, on the charge of concealment of bank loan information in his affidavit in the 12th National Assembly elections.

Bangladesh Bank has been asked to submit this document to the court immediately. At the same time, the court directed the EC to submit all the documents submitted to the Election Commission including his affidavit.
A single High Court bench of Justice Fatema Najib gave the order on Sunday (February 18). The court gave this order after hearing the application of Syed Saifuddin Ahmed, the rival candidate of the concerned seat and Chairman of Bangladesh Supreme Party (BSP). Advocate Saeed Ahmed Raza and Barrister Hamidul Misbah heard the petition in court.

Syed Saifuddin Ahmed’s lawyer Shah Alam Abhi told reporters that Khadijatul Anwar was elected as a member of parliament by concealing the information of his 8 bank loans including the case of the court of defaulting loans in the election affidavit.
Incidentally, in the national election held on January 7, the candidate of the boat, Khadijatul Anwar Soni, got 1 lakh 370 votes. His closest rival is Hossain Md. Abu Taiyab got 36 thousand 587 votes. On the other hand, Chairman of Supreme Party Saifuddin Ahmad Maizbhandari got 3 thousand 138 votes on Ektar symbol.