Feroze-Babla came out in Roshan’s ring.

Finally, two influential leaders of the Jatiya Party (JPA), Kazi Feroz Rashid and Syed Abu Hossain Babla, are coming to the ring of Roshan Ershad. Roshan Ershad gave them the main responsibility for the party conference implementation committee.
On Sunday (February 18) at noon, in a press conference at his residence in Gulshan, Japa’s chairman, Roshan Ershad, took on this responsibility.


Feroz Rashid Co-Chairman Feroz Rashid was expelled due to protests in the party immediately after the twelfth election. However, Abu Hossain Babla is still the co-chairman of Japa chairman GM Quader’s committee. Roshan Ershad said in a press conference in a wheelchair that Kazi Feroze and Babla played a unique role in the establishment of the Jatiya Party. For the Jatiya Party, they endured jail, tyranny, and torture.

He said that our beloved organisation, Jatiya Party, is now in dire straits. In view of the demands of the leaders and workers to get out of this situation and reorganise the party, I have announced the organisation of the tenth national council of the party on March 9, 2024. Founding leaders of the party, including Kazi Feroz Rashid and Syed Abu Hossain Babla, and countless Ershad-devotional leaders and workers from all walks of life stood by me. We all want to bring back life and energy to the National Party by presenting a beautiful National Conference. Because the need for a national party in the arena of politics for the country and the nation is now essential,.

Roshan Ershad said, effective until the completion of the 10th National Conference of the Jatiya Party to be held on March 9, Kazi Firoz Rashid will serve as convener in the implementation committee of the Jatiya Party; Syed Abu Hossain Babla will be the co-convener; Golam Sarwar Milon will be the joint convener; member secretary Safiqul Islam Sentu; and Adm. Ziaul Haque Mridha will serve as treasurer.
Besides, the General Secretary of the Jatiya Party Central Committee, Praesidium members, Advisors, Vice Chairman, Joint Secretary General, Editorial Board, Central Executive Committee members, District Committee President/Convener, and General Secretary/Member Secretary will be included as members of the Conference Implementation Committee in order. Later, Feroze Rashid and Babla spoke at the event.