Desperation rests in BNP

BNP’s grassroots leaders and activists want to establish hope in the midst of despair. Trinamool leaders and activists of BNP have gone through a tough time for three months after the clashes in Nayapaltan on October 28 last year . Many Trinamool leaders were in hiding for fear of prosecution and torture. Many people left their homes and started living elsewhere.

In this situation, the workers did not get proper instructions. At that time the lack of coordination of the central organizational leaders was also evident. As usual, the government is in power without the BNP. Trinamool BNP is very disappointed due to these various reasons.

However, many activists still hope to change the situation. They think that the government will be under severe political and economic pressure sooner or later. On the other hand, efforts are being made to strengthen the morale of the Trinamool leaders and activists from the center.

BNP has been in the movement since the formation of the Awami League government after winning the 2008 elections; But in the last 15 years, no success has come. Then there were 3 more elections, two of which were boycotted by BNP. To prevent the twelfth parliamentary elections held on January 7, the party has started a series of strikes and blockades, starting from distributing leaflets across the country. But Awami League won that election and formed the government for the fourth consecutive time.

Senior leaders including BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, who were in jail for three and a half months after being arrested in a clash case before the polls, have been released on bail.

According to BNP data, more than 1 lakh 5 thousand 684 leaders and activists were accused in more than 1 thousand 184 cases across the country from before the October 28 general meeting to the January elections. At this time 27 thousand 514 people were arrested and taken to prison. However, it is reported that most of the central and district level activists have been released from prison.
General Secretary of Tok Union BNP of Gazipur district. Shamsul Haque Rukon said in the light of time, first of all, there has been unlimited pressure on the grassroots. Many activists were without homes. No one could sleep at home for three months.

There are many disasters. Naturally the workers are a bit disappointed. Because ordinary workers are seeing again and again that this government remains in power. It may be difficult for the activists to be active in the field due to the fear of the administration and various local equations. But no one left the party.
He said, the main reason for our strength is that the people have responded to our call unprecedentedly. Seeing this, we are keeping our morale up. Now the role of leadership must be strong. I am the general secretary of the union. If I do not enter the field; In that case, the leaders and activists of the ward will stay at home. Top leaders need to make more observational decisions. They say, ‘wait and see.

Bhola Lalmohan Upazila BNP member secretary Shafiqul Islam Babul Panchayat in the light of the times, there is no use if the movement cannot be developed in Dhaka. Dhaka has to be strengthened for this. And the workers are watching everything. They are also realizing the reality. Not disappointed. Fighting for 15 years; It will take another five years. However, we will not change our position. We follow the programs given by the center.

Sirajganj district BNP organizing secretary Mirza Mostafa Zaman told the light of time, “I am under pressure with the bail of the case.” Struggling to arrange bail for workers. If there is no bail, it is not possible to come out of hiding. And the Trinamool is asking the Center to strengthen the organization and diplomacy. I hope the Center will take it into consideration.

Chapainawabganj Sadar Upazila BNP convener. Obaid Pathan said in the light of time, it has been informed from the highest place of the party that a big change may come by next June. If everything goes well, this government will not be able to announce the budget. And if it doesn’t happen, then the grassroots will collapse even more. Union Ward activists are now disappointed. There is nothing to do but comfort them. The same is being said from the centre. But we are not broke. Because majority of people do not want this government.

He said that the top leadership has said that the organization will be restructured from the center to the ward.
Barisal South BNP convenor brave freedom fighter Abul Hossain Khan said in the light of time, we are not disappointed; The organization should be made more active. Many of the Trinamool are in jail. Now almost everyone is free. Toppling a regime government is not an easy task. The 12th election was not recognized nationally and internationally. The movement must continue.

The movement should be started anew by strengthening the organization. A difficult program should be given on the streets with some time. He said that no instructions have yet come to them regarding the upazila elections.
Gaibandha District BNP President Professor Dr. Mainul Hasan Sadiq thinks that Trinamool is the life of BNP. Despite all this, the activists are persistent. Some were a little disappointed. They also understand reality. They should be thanked for this.

We are also trying to keep them strong in various ways. Although the number of prisoners has decreased, the number of cases is still high. If you go to the High Court every morning, you will see a line of thousands of activists. Central leaders are being released – no doubt it will bring relief to the grassroots.

He said, they have not yet had an organizational meeting in person. The current status of Trinamool is being highlighted in the party forum. The central leaders are assuring to organize the organization. It is their prerogative though. The Center has not yet given any idea about the upazila elections.