Two dozen teachers in the clutches of a fake deputy secretary raked in 4 crore rupees.

The Deputy Secretary of the Department of Madrasa Education, Program Officer, and even system analyst were targeting the teachers of the Madrasa Zubair, alias Md. Asaduzzaman Manik, alias Lutfar Rahman (47) and his associate Abdul Gaffar, alias Sumon Chowdhury, alias Saiful (77). They fraudulently embezzled more than Rs 4 crore from nearly two dozen teachers on the promise of regularization of salaries and allowances for MPOs and newly recruited librarians. But they were not saved in the end. Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) officials have arrested these two fraudsters for cheating.

According to PBI sources, Barguna Sadar’s East Thousand Bigha Battala Senior Madrasa is under MPO, but the bills of some teachers were outstanding. Principal of the institution. Abdus Salam was trying and lobbying a lot to get the teachers billed. The Deputy Secretary and Program Officer of the Department of Madrasa Education contacted the news of the campaign and identified the two arrested. To solve the problem, the teachers gave a total of Tk 14 lakh to Lutfar and Saiful in several installments in 2021. After receiving that money, Principal Abdus Salam tried to contact them and found the phone switched off. After losing contact, if you have doubts, you can find out that there is no one named Zubair, Asaduzzaman Manik, Abdul Gaffar, or Suman Chowdhury in the Directorate of Madrasa Education.

Later, he realizes that he is in the grip of a cheater. Principal Abdus Salam is not the only one; he has cheated at least two dozen teachers across the country. Trapped and snatched about 4 crore rupees. No one got a refund. One of the victims of fraud filed a case at Bangshal police station on December 9, 2023, as a plaintiff. The case was being investigated by the PBI.

Based on the investigation of the case, Zubair, alias Md. Asaduzzaman Manik, alias Lutfar Rahman, was arrested from Falgacha village of Sunderganj police station in Gaibandha district on February 15 at 2 a.m. Based on the information given by him, a team of PBI Dhaka Metro (North) arrested the associate Abdul Gaffar, alias Suman Chowdhury, alias Saiful, from the Uttara Paschim Police Station area of the capital.

Additional DIG said this information in a press conference organized at the Agargaon PBI Dhaka Metro (North) office in the capital on Sunday (February 18). Jahangir Alam.

He said that for a long time, the circle had been cheating the teachers by taking advantage of their simplicity. Md. Fazil Madrasar of Kuchiamora Islamia of Bhola Charfashion has fallen into the clutches of the fraudulent circle. Ashlamiya Hamela Khatun Balika Dakhil Madrasa with Kamruzzaman, South Charfashion Shamchul Uloom Dakhil Madrasa, Aminabad Hakimiya Dakhil Madrasa, Ashlampur Mohammadiya Dakhil Madrasa, South Ashlampur Mubarak Ali Dakhil Madrasa, Kunder Hawla Rashidiya Dakhil Madrasa, Noorabad Hossainia Fazil Madrasa. Rasa, Lalmohan Islamia Kamil Madrasa, Uor Charmanika I learned that teachers, principals, and superintendents of Latifiya Dakhil Madrasa and East Faridabad Yunusiya Jihadul Uloom Dakhil Madrasa have been cheated. There are many other victims.