This time, a sexual harassment complaint was filed against DU professor Nadir Junaid.

This time, the professor of mass communication and journalism at Dhaka University has been accused of sexually harassing a female student in his department. Nadir against Junaid.

The student made various allegations, including monitoring the female student through the department’s CCTV camera, making inappropriate calls, and giving sexual hints. At the same time, the female student also demanded exemplary punishment against Professor Nadir Junaid, subject to a fair investigation.

The student filed a complaint with the proctor of the university on Saturday (February 10) afternoon.

The student has attached supporting evidence, including a call recording, along with the charge sheet.

Earlier, 28 students from a batch of the department filed a written complaint to the Vice-Chancellor on February 7, alleging that the department’s master’s results collapsed due to personal outrage against Professor Nadir Junaid. Besides, the students also accused Professor Nadir Junaid of intimidating the examinees by asking irrelevant questions in the master’s viva.

Meanwhile, in a written complaint to the proctor, the female student said that teacher Nadir Junaid often called her at home. He avoids the issue in various ways. He often said unpleasant things to him. He used to call at night and say many sexually suggestive things. The student suffered from mental trauma due to his harassment. He could not sleep at night. For this, the victim student used to take sleeping pills. At the beginning of last year, he also provided psychological counselling.

In addition, the student mentioned in the charge sheet that he decided not to do a Masters at Dhaka University in the third year to avoid the harassment of Nadir Junaid.

In the complaint, the student also said that I am an ordinary student, and I endured torture for one and a half years, thinking that he was powerful. He used to make touching comments about the body.

He used to tempt in various ways to establish physical relations. Inheritance of property by marriage guarantees financial prosperity. Also used to speak various double-meaning words and instigate sexual conversation all the time. The matter continued to go beyond the limits of tolerance. He used to monitor me through the CCTV footage of the department. The complaint states that Nadir Junaid used to get very upset when the student showed no interest.

Proctor of the university about the complaint. Md. Maksudur Rahman said, in light of time, that we have received the complaint. It will be sent to VC, sir. He will take further action.

Accused Professor Nadir Junaid was contacted several times, but he did not receive any phone calls.

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