The teachers and students got great news.

This time, the teachers and students of madrasas and technical educational institutions will get special concessions.

From Friday (February 10), madrasahs and technical educational institutions, teachers, and students have started applying for this special sanction in the revenue budget for the fiscal year 2023–24. You can apply to get this money until March 10.

Madrasa and technical educational institutions, teachers, and students should apply directly or through the Deputy Commissioner to the Secretary of Technical and Madrasa Education Department.

The Technical and Madrasa Education Department of the Ministry of Education published a notification in this regard on February 1.

It is said in the circular that the policy has been issued for the distribution of special allowance money to madrasas and technical educational institutions, teachers, and students for the fiscal year 2023–24. According to the policy, teachers and students have to apply to get special allowance money.

Students of public and private educational institutions can apply for special allowances for treatment of chronic diseases, natural accidents, and medical expenses. In this case, disabled, helpless, poor, and talented students from backward communities will get priority.

Special permission can be applied for repairing and renovating all recognised or MPO private technical and madrasa educational institutions in the country, making furniture, purchasing sports equipment, developing libraries, and making the institution friendly to students with disabilities. However, poor educational institutions from backward areas will be given priority in selection.

The secretary of the education department has been asked to apply for special permission.

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