There is no security risk around

Dhaka Metropolitan Police Commissioner Habibur Rahman said there is no security risk around February 11. He said this to reporters after visiting the central Shaheed Minar at 11:00 on Monday (19 February).

Habibur Rahman said, we do not have any security risk at this moment. Still, the police analyzed all security threats and took action. Our round-the-clock security measures are in place at the book fair. A control room is set up there with all kinds of security equipment and security units working there through cameras. Police are always ready in case of any law and order situation.

He said that since February 1st is late night and Dhaka city people will come here, a system has been put in place to control the traffic jam. Traffic will be restricted at some places. Cars can enter here through some places, usually the road to come to Shaheed Minar through Plashir intersection is kept and the exit road is also specified. Notified through notification.

He further said that the entire area will be covered by CCTV cameras. Our bomb disposal team, SWAT team, fire service, medical team and other teams will be on standby at a safe distance. There is round-the-clock surveillance and petroling in Shaheed Minar area Security measures are taken through drone patrolling, mobile patrolling and cyber patrolling.