Education Minister Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury urged parents not to crowd the examination center


Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury urged the parents not to crowd the SSC and equivalent examination centers. The Honorable Minister made the call today in a press conference organized at the International Mother Language Institute Auditorium in the capital on SSC and Equivalent Examination.

Addressing the parents, the Education Minister said, “It is very sad that the parents crowd around the center where we ourselves did not visit the center to avoid crowding in the examination center and traffic congestion. Incidentally, earlier on the day of the examination, ministers and senior officials used to visit the examination center. This caused traffic congestion in the examination center and the candidates suffered. For this reason, the current education minister did not visit the examination center.

In response to questions from journalists about the evaluation method, the Education Minister said that the evaluation is done to see whether the learning outcomes have been achieved or not. One method of assessment is testing. In the past, and still today, the way in which tests are assessed does not accurately indicate whether student learning outcomes have been achieved. Exam results are good but learning outcomes are lacking. Students are getting GPA-5, but not the skills and knowledge they are supposed to acquire in various subjects. Therefore, according to the new curriculum, from the first day of the year, teachers can assess whether students are gaining skills. In addition, there will be some methods as before. It should be a mixed method.

It should be noted that this year SSC, Dakhil, SSC (Vocational) and Dakhil (Vocational) exams were held in 3700 centers of 29 thousand 735 educational institutions. The number of participating candidates is 20 lakh 24 thousand 192 people.

In the press conference, the secretary of the secondary and higher education department of the Ministry of Education Soleman Khan, the secretary of the technical and madrasa education department. Farid Uddin Ahmed, Director General of Secondary and Higher Education Department Prof. Nehal Ahmed, President of Inter-Education Board Coordination Committee, Dhaka Education Board Chairman Prof. Tapan Kumar Sarkar etc. were present

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