Ronaldo’s first goal of the year in the 1000th match

Cristiano Ronaldo is yet to score against two teams in the Saudi Pro League. One of them is Al Faiha. On Wednesday (February 14), Ronaldo’s club Al Nasr entered the field against this team in the last 16 of the AFC Champions League. It seems that Al Fayha will stop Ronaldo in this match. But in the end it didn’t happen. Al Nasr won 1-0 as Ronaldo scored in the 81st minute.

This is Ronaldo’s first goal this year. It was also the 1000th match in Ronaldo’s club career. This Portuguese star has scored every year from 2002 to 2024. He celebrated it anew by scoring the first goal of the new year. Usually after running the ball into the net, Ronaldo jumps into the void, twists his body upside down and brings his arms down to his sides crosswise as he lands, in what is widely regarded as his trademark celebration.
He brought a bit of a twist to the celebration by scoring a goal in the Wednesday (February 14) night match. This time, he did not lower his hands crosswise on both sides of his body. He put his hand on the opposite chest. Many see it as a symbol of peace.

Ronaldo missed several opportunities against the 14th-ranked team in the league points table. But in the 81st minute, he paid for it with a great goal. Playing one-on-one with Marcelo Brozovic, Faiha headed the ball into the net over the goalkeeper’s head.

This is Ronaldo’s 874th career goal. These two teams will enter the field in the return match of the tournament in Riyadh next Wednesday. Ronaldo returned to the field in the season cup final after recovering from injury. His team lost 2-0 to Al Hilal in that match. Ronaldo posted on Instagram after winning the match. He wrote there, ‘The last sixteen started with a win. It’s great.’

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