What Parimoni said about giving Raj another chance

Parimoni the popular heroine of Dhakai movie, is currently spending a busy time in Kolkata. He is spending busy time there with the work of the movie ‘Phelu Bakshi’. The actress is going to make her debut in the Tollywood industry through this movie.

He spoke to Anandabazar about the conflict and separation of his married life with actor Shariful Raj.

According to reports published on Tuesday (April 2), Parimoni was asked whether it was possible to give Shariful Raj another chance for the boy state. In response, the actress said, “I don’t want to mention that name.” So much hate for him. If he ever dies, I won’t go to see him.

After this, the heroine said, the person who is alive now is a different person. The one I had died a long time ago. I saw that body. In fact, the person is a corpse to me now.

Incidentally, Shariful Raj-Parimani got into a relationship while acting in director Giyas Uddin Selim’s movie ‘Gunin’. After seven days of dating, they got married on October 17, 2021. Then on January 21, 2022, the wedding ceremony of this star couple was completed in a yellow ceremony and the next day on January 22 with a dowry of 101 taka.

A son comes to their family during the married life. But they got separated a few days after that son’s first birthday. Parimani sent a divorce letter to the actor on September 18 last year after many quarrels and complaints. The reasons for separation are mentioned as the reasons for separation, lack of compatibility, lack of relationship, lack of follow-up and mental disturbance