Hashim’s ‘baji’ in Chanchal’s voice

A song in the movie ‘Hawa’ released in 2022 became very popular. Written and composed by Hashim Mahmood, this song titled ‘Sada Sada Kala Kala’ is sung by Erfan Mridha Shiblu. Actor Chanchal Chowdhury also appeared with many in the song scene of the movie. After two years, Chanchal was found again in Hashim Mahmud’s song. But this time not only acting, the actor himself sang.

The title of this song is ‘Baaji’ written and composed by Hashim Mahmud. The lyrics of the song are arranged like – ‘If I can go to the Ganges, I can find you, I can find you, I can swim the river, I can fly the white sails, I can fly the white sails, I can find you if there is a storm in the river, if the water doesn’t flow, I can find you. bet.’

Chanchal Chowdhury recently shared the song on social media Facebook. He also told the story of how this song came to his voice. Chanchal said, long ago while rehearsing for a program in Vinod’s (music director) studio, I recorded this song of Hashim Mahmood without prior preparation. Then I made a video myself and left it. Today (March 12) I posted for everyone.

The song ‘Baaji’ has been sung by various artists before. Chanchal also sang out of his love. It has been composed by Vinod Roy. Video recorded by Tahsin. About Hashim Mahmud, the creator of the song, Chanchal Chowdhury said, May Hashim Mahmud’s song spread in everyone’s life. He is the creator of these songs ‘Sada Sada Kala Kala’ or ‘Ful Futche Gandhe Sara Man’