A woman threw her clothes at Arijit Singh

Bollywood’s popular music artist Arijit Singh. The son of Bhumiputra of West Bengal’s Jiaganj mesmerized the audience. This time, a female fan made a surprise appearance at his live concert. During the concert, he took off his top and threw it at the singer.

The video has been published on social media. Where it was seen that Arijit Singh was autographing notebooks, diaries and even guitars given by fans. Suddenly a woman’s top flew on the stage. At first, the singer was overlooked. But what he did as soon as he saw it, for the time being, he practiced netting.

Tabar celebs of Bollywood are also eager to lip sync to Arijit Singh’s songs. His live concerts are a frenzy for fans. That said, he threw the top off the singer!

Recently, such an incident happened in a concert in Nepal. And Arijit himself was delighted to see the feat of that female devotee. But did not return him. Instead, he carefully picked up the clothes lying on the stage and wrote his name on it.

Even though it is a couple of months old, the video is currently going viral. Fans are also more amused to see the shy Arijit Singh. Some also taunted the female fan as ‘shameless’.