The movie ‘Shravan Jyotsnaya’ was taken down due to non-payment of electricity bill

New movies are releasing at the beginning of the new year. In that continuation, the new movie ‘Shravan Jyotsnaya’ was released nationwide on Friday (February 16). The film is failing to attract viewers from the day of its release. There are 2 people in some shows, 3 people in some shows. No one is coming to any shows again.


In this situation, the face of profit is far from the picture. So after two days the movie was taken down by the authorities. Ahsanullah, house manager of Shyamoli cinema hall, said this. Ahsanullah said, ‘Shravan Jyotsna’ was here till Saturday (February 17). But from Sunday (February 18) we are running Shakib Khan’s ‘Nawab LLB’ movie. Because there is no cell-e of the picture. The audience is two in some shows, three in some shows and absolutely zero in some shows. 16-17 visitors were seen throughout the day. One came to the Friday night show. Is it possible to run a show with one?

Referring to the fact that ‘Shravan Jyotsna’ could not even guarantee the collection of the electricity bill, Ahsanullah said that he lowered it after talking to the producer. I said if this continues, the hall will have to be closed. Because the staff cost of running the film is not raised, the electricity bill has to be raised. If that doesn’t happen, how will it happen?

Incidentally, ‘Shravan Jyotsnaya’ has been built with government grants. It was produced by Abdus Samad Khokon based on the popular fiction writer Imdadul Haque Milan’s ‘Shravan Jyotsna’. Dighi, Gazi Abdun Noor, Subrata Barua, Milli Bashar, Sadia Shimul and others acted in the film.