Tasnia Farin of ‘Fatima’ won the award in Iran

Farin won the ‘Crystal Simorgh’ award in the ‘Eastern Vista’ category at the 42nd Fajr International Film Festival of Iran. He got this award for the movie ‘Fatima’ acted six years ago.
Farin himself announced the award on Facebook.
Farin arrived in Iran’s capital Tehran on February 6 to participate in the festival. Farin won the award for the movie ‘Fatima’ on the concluding day of the film festival on Sunday. But that award was not accepted by Farin himself. Farin had to return to Dhaka a day before the event. So ‘Fatima’ producer Dhruv Hasan accepted the award on Fareen’s behalf.

The busy actress of small screen, film and OTT thanked the jury of the festival for appreciating the work.
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In the past few years, Fareen has garnered acclaim for her web series ‘Out of Network’, Jail’, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’. The actress was also seen in Kolkata director Atanu Ghosh’s ‘Aro Ek Prithivi’. The web film ‘Aasama’ starring Fareen was released last month.

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