Dependents will be repatriated to Myanmar within 1-2 days

Interior Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said that those who fled the country to Bangladesh due to the conflict between the military junta forces and the rebels in Myanmar will be sent back within two days.

He gave this information while talking to the reporters after the speech of the chief guest at the opening ceremony of Highway Police’s ‘Service Week-2024’ at the Bangladesh Police Auditorium at Rajarbagh Police Lines on Tuesday (February 13) afternoon.
He said, there is a war going on everywhere in Myanmar. Their forces are fighting with the Arakar Army on the border of Bangladesh. We see that their war has become so intense that the

Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP), government officials… I think one or two army personnel have entered our place. Some of them came with weapons, some entered without weapons. They came to save lives, not to fight.

The Home Minister said, our BGB members have left their weapons and kept us here under detention. Among them, the injured have been given medical care. Later, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we informed about taking them back. They (Myanmar authorities) have sent word that they will be taken by ship very soon. Hopefully they will take their members back within 1-2 days. They have no conflict with us, no war, they have come here to defend themselves.

The minister said, we have made it clear that we already have 1.2 million Rohingya here. We will not allow anyone from Myanmar to settle here, be it Rohingya or anyone else. I have asked the government to take those who are coming here to defend themselves. They are taking Our BGB, Police, Coast Guard are all working like vigilantes. There is a war going on, none of them seem to come to this border. Even if it comes, no one will be able to enter us here.
When asked whether any of the BGP members who have taken refuge were involved in the attack on the Rohingyas, Asaduzzaman Khan said, “We do not have any such list.” But we saw miles and miles burned, dead bodies floating in the river.

He said, their army was standing when we saw the massacre there. I don’t know if they did the massacre or not. It is being tried in the international court.

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