Sabina Yasmin’s tooth problem is not cancer

Ekushey Padak and Freedom Medalist singer Sabina Yasmin has cancer again. Rumors started a few days ago. The issue also came up in the country’s media. Sabina Yasmin opened her mouth about this. While dismissing the rumor as false, he requested to refrain from spreading rumours.
In an audio message given to the media, Sabina Yasmin said, ‘I am your Sabina Yasmin. I would like to say a few words to the audience and fans. Have to go to Singapore for regular checkup every year. This time was no exception. But this time when I came to the checkup, I had a little problem with my teeth. In view of this I had a minor surgery on my teeth on 7th February; which succeeds.’

Then said, ‘My next appointment with the doctor is on March 15. Until then, I will be under the observation of the doctor. After that, I will continue as the doctor says. I will return to the country later with your prayers, God willing.’

Earlier, a report of Sabina’s cancer went viral, where a family source confirmed that she was diagnosed with cancer again. But that has now been proved to be untrue.