Nipun will contest for the general secretary post of the Film Artists Association

Bangladesh Film Artists Association elections for the term 2024-26 are scheduled to be held on April 19. However, so far there has not been any controversy regarding the election. In the election of this committee of 21 members, news of competition from two panels has been heard, but the full panel has not been announced from any side.

However, it is known that Misha Saudagar and Dipzol have announced the creation of a panel. Misha Saudagar will contest for the post of president of the panel, Dipjal will contest for the post of general secretary.

On the other hand, actress Nipun has announced to participate in the election from another panel. It is not yet known who will be elected as the president of his panel. At the same time, he said that he will fight for the post of general secretary, not the president.

Meanwhile, outgoing committee president Elias Kanchan had already informed that he will not participate in the next election. It was known from several sources that Nipun and Mamunun Emon will be elected from a panel in the next election. In this, Nipun will be seen as the president and Eamon will be seen fighting for the post of general secretary.

However, dismissing the issue of his participation in the election for the post of president, Nipun said, “I have also heard that I am running for the post of president.” This is rumour. I will fight for the post of general secretary. The news of Emon as president is also not correct.

In response to the question of who will fight for the post of president, Nipun also said, “It is not yet time to say.” Several of our senior artists will decide that. They are the ones looking at it. The work of arranging the panels is going on slowly. On March 2, our association’s picnic. Right now I am in trouble with everything from fund collection for the picnic. After the picnic, I will turn my attention to the selection panel. However, we hope to finalize the panel by the middle of next month.

Another source mentioned the names of veteran actors Masood Rana and Alamgir as the president. They are being contacted by a panel.

Incidentally, nomination papers will be sold on March 30, and submitted on April 2. Preliminary voter list published on March 24, final voter list published on March 28. Selection of nomination papers and release of candidate list on April 3. Withdrawal of candidature on 7th April. The final candidate list will be published on the same day