Kanchan Mallik took a picture of ‘Abedanamoyi’ Srimoyi on honeymoon

Kanchan Mallick and Srimayi Chattraj are all around in Tollywood now. A few days ago they got married in Kaguje. Social marriage will be done next month. Before that, the couple flew for honeymoon. However, the newlyweds did not clarify anything about where they left the city.

But in the meantime, the candid picture of Kanchan Mallick’s wife was seen on social media. Did the husband himself pick it up? Which instantly went viral in the net world


In the picture published on Srimayi’s Instagram, the actress is seen standing wet on the balcony of a resort by the sea. Wearing a moss green jumpsuit. Red underwear can be seen between the clothes.

The pictures were given by Swami Kanchan Mallick, Srimayi also mentioned that in the post. After seeing that, the netizens started to sneer. Someone wrote, even going to the honeymoon! Someone’s comment, marrying a man of father’s age is not wrong to spread warmth!

However, the couple did not pay attention to any of those comments. Because from the beginning Kanchan-Shrimayi had to be a victim of various taunts about the marriage. One of the reasons for this is the age difference between the two.

Srimayi’s age is 26, Kanchan’s age is 53 years. That is, the actress married a divorced man of twice her age. That too, the actor was involved in the relationship since he was married

However, regarding Kanchan’s unequal age, multiple marriages, new family, Shrimoyi said, ‘Society may want to be very khilli. But when a person builds a relationship, they don’t do it to break it. Everyone wants to save their relationship. The fact that a relationship doesn’t last doesn’t mean they’re bad, it’s just that they decided to get out after thinking too much. People can have two or three marriages. Neither I nor my family like to dwell on the past. It could have happened to me. Man is not insignificant. I started anew. For me, the third or fourth marriage does not matter.

Regarding the age gap with Kanchan, Srimayi said, “I have believed in Machio’s relationship since childhood. I didn’t want to be in a relationship with someone with a six pack, four pack or spiked hair. In fact, there is a very good understanding between the age gap. But it is very normal to think about it in the family. Maybe I don’t understand because I’m young now. Maybe I will understand in the future. But there is no regret about this

It is to be noted that Kanchan Mallik is about to get married after being in love with Srimayi for a long time. The actor divorced his second wife Pinky Banerjee on January 10. Then on Valentine’s Day, Kaguje got married to Srimayi. They will have a social marriage on March 6. Currently, there is a fight going on about their marriage. It is known that a full Bengali feast will be organized at their wedding. There will be chicken, mutton, etc