Hero Alam to the DB office on the complaint of double entendre at the book fair

The controversial YouTuber Ashraful Hossain Alam aka Hero Alam approached the DB Police to complain about the expulsion from the book fair.

He appeared at the DB office on Thursday (February 22) around 12:30 pm.

Hero Alam told Dhaka Post that a person cannot be kicked out not only from the book fair, but from any place. I have been booed at book fairs there, which I find to be a form of harassment. So I came to the DB office.

I will inform the matter in writing to DB head Harun Bhai. The issue should be resolved. Hero Alam was forced to leave the premises of the book fair on Wednesday afternoon due to the sound of ‘Bhua Bhua’ and ‘Chi Chi’. Around 4 pm on this day, the book fair was crowded with readers and visitors. At that time, he encouraged the readers to buy his own books. Suddenly, a group of visitors started chanting ‘fake, fake’ and ‘chi chi’ at him.

Seeing the dire situation, he decided to leave the book fair himself. Later the policemen on duty came and helped them to go out with the fence. Hero Alam’s book is called ‘Change Attitude, We Will Change Society’.

On February 9, the much-criticized couple Mushtaq-Tisha was forced to leave the book fair in the face of controversy. Then the same incident happened Dr. With Sabrina too