Actress Mahi announced the divorce in a tearful voice

Actress Mahia Mahi has announced her separation. He announced this on his Facebook on Friday (February 16). He also talked to the lawyer about this. The actress said that she and her husband Rakib Sarkar took the decision to separate the family together.

In a video message, Mahia Mahi said, we both have taken this decision together. We have a problem with some things. But Rakib is a very good person. I respect him. He is very caring. Weeping Mahi says, very soon we are going to officially part ways. We will decide when and how it will happen together. Please pray for my son Farish. To make him a good person.

Notably, Mahi married Rakib on 13 September 2021. They have a son Farish in their house. Before this, Mahi married Sylhet businessman Parvez Mahmud Apu in 2016. And on May 22, 2021, the actress announced the breakup of her five-year marriage. After that, the issue of hooking up with Rakib came into discussion