The Foreign Minister requests to keep prices stable in the upcoming month of Ramadan.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs has requested Piyush Goyal, Leader of the House of India’s Rajya Sabha and Minister of Commerce and Industry, to ensure uninterrupted supply of necessary goods to Bangladesh to keep prices stable in the upcoming month of Ramadan. Hasan Mahmud.
He made this request in a meeting with Piyush Goyal, Leader of the House and Commerce and Industry Minister of India’s Rajya Sabha, at noon on Friday.
Hasan Mahmud also discussed in detail the trade relations between the two countries and the removal of tariff and non-tariff barriers to Bangladesh’s export products at Piyush Goyal’s office in the new Parliament building.
Regarding the meeting, the minister told reporters that we discussed the perishable products that we import from India. We have discussed in detail getting 50 thousand tons of onions and 1 lakh tons of sugar before Ramadan.
They discussed various important areas of mutual interest and pledged to strengthen cooperation in various fields. The foreign minister stressed cooperation in various fields, especially trade, connectivity, electricity, defense and security, water, etc.
The High Commissioner of Bangladesh is assigned to India. Mustafizur Rahman was present at this time.

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