Announcement of not going to the book fair: Mushtaq-Tisha


The discussed Mushtaq-Tisha couple, Amar Ekushe, announced not to go to the book fair and said, We will not go to the book fair again. Khandaker Mushtaq announced this in a video message on Facebook.
Mushtaq said in a video message that two of my books have been published at this year’s book fair. One is ‘Tisha and Mushtaq’ and another is ‘Tisha’s love’. This is not the first time I have published a book; I also published a book last year.
He said that on the occasion of the book release, I went to the book fair on the 7th. Hundreds of people thronged the stall to get my autographed book. Everyone wanted to take a selfie with us. He welcomed us and congratulated us. Yesterday (February 9), we went to the book fair again. As it is a holiday, many people gather. There was a huge crowd of visitors in front of Mizan Publishers. They were willingly self-motivated to take pictures with us. There was quite a festive atmosphere. But gradually, the number of people increased so much that those who came to buy books could not enter the stalls. The crowd of people was disturbing the sale of books in the nearby stalls. Meanwhile, many people were shouting slogans about me. Some were also using negative slogans. I thought that the crowd of people who came to buy books was causing trouble, so we voluntarily left the book fair.
He further said that no one was asked to leave or chased away from the fair. I voluntarily left the fair with my wife. As there were many people, the Ansar members in charge of the fair escorted us to the car with security.
Incidentally, there was a huge crowd of visitors in front of Mizan Publishers in Suhrawardy Udyan yesterday (Friday) afternoon. The Mushtaq-Tisha couple was encouraging the readers to buy the books by holding the books ‘Tisha’s Love’ and ‘Tisha and Mushtaq’ written by Mushtaq. Suddenly, a group of visitors came and chased them, saying ‘fake fake’. At this time, Ansar members helped the Mushtaq-Tisha couple leave the fair premises through the Engineers Institute Gate.
A few days ago, Khandaker Mushtaq Ahmed, a member of the governing body of Motijheel Ideal School and College in the capital, married Cynthia Islam Tisha, a student of the same college. When the news of the marriage spread on social media, there was a storm of criticism. But they said they got married for love.

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