Progressive Alliance will work for the welfare of traders

Bangladesh Garment Buying House Association (BGBA) member meet up was held by Progressive Alliance initiative.

In the speech given on the occasion, the candidates of the Progressive Alliance pledged to work towards increasing the status of traders in the garment and buying house sectors if elected.

This colorful event was organized on Tuesday night at Hotel Radisson in the capital. BGBA members and businessmen of the buying house sector participated in it.

Abdul Hamid Pintu, Coordinator of Progressive Alliance, said in the event that the global recession is going on. We are worried about business. In such a situation, a strong BGBA can play an important role in putting the country’s economy on a strong foundation.

Expressing anger over non-granting of CIP status to BGBA members, he said, garment owners crossed the airport with protocol. Despite so much contribution of buying house traders to the economy we do not get protocol. We also want CIP protocol, it is our right.

At the event, AKM Saifur Rahman Farhad, CEO of Wikitix BD, the candidate of Progressive Alliance, said that the contribution of the buying house sector to our economy is 20 billion dollars a year. But we traders are not getting the rights and dignity we deserve. Because our platform is shaky. It is time to change this situation. If the Progressive Alliance wins the upcoming BGBA elections, it will work to increase the rights and dignity of businessmen.

He said, BGMEA has a building. We don’t have our own building. We dream that BGBA will also operate in its own building.

Speakers in the event said that BGBA was established almost two decades ago. But the election of the leadership of the organization has not been done in a democratic process. This time BGBA members will elect their representatives through direct voting. It will speed up the organization.

The speakers said that the number of members of BGBA is 1800. Businessmen have to follow many rules to get membership of BGBA. This is happening because the leadership is not elected in a democratic process. Administrators are appointed to the BGBA despite the fact that there are many qualified people among the traders; It’s a shame. The leadership has to be elected here every two years. Only then will there be transparency and accountability.

Candidates of Progressive Alliance thanked Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and those concerned for giving them the opportunity to choose the leadership of BGBA through democratic process after 12 long years. If they are elected, they promise to take various initiatives for the welfare of garment industry and buying house traders.

Note that BGBA biennial elections 2024-2026 will be held on March 2. Members will elect 15 directors by voting. Candidates are contesting from two panels.

Candidates of Progressive Alliance are – Abdul Hamid Pintu of KFS Fashion, AKM Saifur Rahman Farhad of Wikitex BD, Enayet Hossain of Simex Designer, Zobayed Bin Obaid of FHL Knitwear, Saiful Haque of SMS Mood Limited, Kabir Hossain, Arman Mallick, Saifun Mostafiz, Roman Mia, JamiruzzamanAbdullah Al Mamun, Enamul Kabir, Mahbub Hasan, Abdullah Al Mamun, Kamrul Hasan.