Highest remittance in 8 months in February

In the month of February this year, expatriates sent 216 million 60 million US dollars to the country. According to the current exchange rate in the local currency, the amount of this money is 23 thousand 800 crores.

This information came out in the latest report of Bangladesh Bank on remittances on Sunday (March 3). Last month, remittances came in at US$ 210 million.

According to Bangladesh Bank data, 39 percent more remittances came in February compared to the same period last year. This is the highest remittance in a single month in the last eight months since July last year. Last June, remittances were 220 million dollars.

Remittance inflows are believed to be higher than the same period last year due to the increase in the number of expatriate workers and February being 29 days in leap year this year.