A lemon is sold for 2 lakhs

A lemon costs Tk 2 lakh. Hearing this, anyone’s eyes should rise. But an eye-opening incident happened in the UK. A lemon was sold there for 1,416 pounds, which is about two lakh taka in Bangladeshi currency.

Various media including The Sun, UPI, Hindustan Times reported that an auction company named Brittels Auctioneers in Shropshire, United Kingdom, recently auctioned a lemon and sold it for 1,416 pounds.

But the discussion is more about the age of the lemon now than the price. It is said that the lemon is 285 years old. It was lying in the corner of an old cupboard drawer in the house.

A Shropshire man owned a 19th-century wardrobe, according to auction house Brittells. The cupboard belonged to his late uncle. He was photographing it with a photographer to auction it. At that time, they saw a dry lemon in the cupboard drawer.

Brittles also said that it was written on the lemon, “The lemon was bought on November 4, 1739 by Mr. Given to Miss E. Baxter by Pi Lou Franchini.’

After calculating, it can be seen that the lemon has been lying in the cupboard drawer for a long time. After that, it was decided to auction the lemon on behalf of the family.

Meanwhile, the 285-year-old lemon has created a lot of curiosity among people. As a result, to the surprise of the staff of the auction house, the price of the auction went up to 1400 pounds