The family married the 13-year-old boy for not going to school

I won’t go to school if I don’t get married’ recently such an incident went viral on social media. Later, the family married two school-aged boys and girls. And this wedding video went viral.

The boy in the video is 13 years old, a seventh standard student and the girl is 12 years old, a sixth standard student. They are from Pakistan. They have a love affair. The teenager suddenly demanded from his family that he will not go to school again unless he gets married.

In the face of such demands, their engagement was completed with the consent of the two families. However, netizens are criticizing this matter. They also believe that such videos will encourage child marriage.

The minimum age for marriage in Pakistan is 18 for boys and 16 for girls. However, Sindh passed a law in 2013 raising the minimum age of marriage to 18 for both sexes. However, it was not implemented nationwide.

In the video that spread on social media, the teenager was seen exchanging rings. Responding to criticism from netizens after the video went viral, the teenager said they don’t want to think about what people are saying about their marriage. Even after engagement they will go to school regularly. They said that finishing education is most important for both of them. Source: Indian Express.

In the video, the couple got engaged in the presence of family members. The mothers of the bride and groom are also very happy to see their children’s rings being exchanged.

The family members said that the boy liked the girl for several days. She tells her father that she will not go to school if he does not marry her. The father could not take care of his son. He organized the engagement ceremony with fanfare. However, he did not comment on whether he will marry his son now or not.

Meanwhile, her mother is quite happy with her daughter’s engagement. He said, ‘I got married at the age of 16, so I have no problem with their marriage