Guys should spend money on dates: Jaya Bachchan

Veteran Bollywood actress Jaya Bachchan. He is often involved in arguments on social media. Sometimes he is also seen publicly bullying.

This time Jaya came to her granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda’s podcast ‘What the Hell Navya 2’ and taught everything about feminism. Amitabh Bachchan’s wife opens up on her granddaughter’s podcast.

Navya spoke about women empowerment and feminism. Navya says that some girls feel bad when guys pay for food and drinks on dates. Jaya Bachchan gave a funny answer to this.

Daughter Shweta Bachchan and grandson Augusta Bachchan also participated in the latest episode of the podcast ‘Macho Myths and Modern Man’ podcast along with Jaya.

When the discussion on ‘Man and Toxicity’ came up in the event, Navya said, almost all girls are attracted to feminists. Women also understand their rights. Almost all girls consider themselves independent. Men and women are equal to them. Many girls even want to pay the food bill when going on a date. Because she is not inferior to men in any way. Although many people will be angry at this too.

At that time, Jaya Bachchan said, girls who want to pay bills, they are stupid. Guys should spend money on dates.

However, Navya Naveli could not agree with Jaya’s words. Explaining this, Navya says, no, I mean this is what happens today. We will keep the door open for ourselves. But no one needs to open the door for us.