When you come to Pilkhana, your mind becomes heavy

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, the mind becomes heavy when you go to Pilkhana. Perhaps no one knows more than me how difficult the pain of losing a relative is. The Prime Minister said these words at a function organized on the occasion of BGB Day on Monday (March 4) at 10 o’clock in the morning, remembering the terrible incident that took place in Pilkhana a decade and a half ago in 2009.

On February 25 and 26, 2009, 74 people, including 57 army officers, were killed in a mutiny at the headquarters of the Border Guard Force in Pilkhana, Dhaka.

The incident created a stir in the international arena beyond the borders of the country. The rebellion started from BDR’s Durbar Hall ended the next day with various incidents.

Recalling the BDR rebellion in Pilkhana at a function organized on the occasion of BGB Day in Pilkhana on Monday, the Prime Minister said, ‘When you come here, your mind becomes heavy. In 2009, we only formed the government. An incident happened on 25 February. 74 people including 57 officers lost their lives in this rebellion. May the souls of the deceased be forgiven. Condolences to the relatives. I think no one knows more than me how difficult the pain of losing a loved one is. We have prosecuted this incident.

Highlighting various steps taken by the government for the development of BGB, Sheikh Hasina said, “The present government has taken various welfare steps to improve the quality of life of BGB soldiers. Introduction of new rank-badge, promotion based on merit, payment of border allowance, promotion of pay scale of junior officers and habildar members to higher level, payment of 2 months annual leave with advance pay, family ration and full scale ration for children below 3 years to disabled children of BGB membersRation is being paid in cash till retirement.The head of government also said, “BGB members are able to maintain communication with their families by installing V-SAT technology based on Bangabandhu satellite in 50 BOPs in remote and remote hilly areas and communicating with BGB headquarters and other places from BOP through IP telephone.”

After the speech, the Prime Minister inaugurated Bangabandhu’s sculpture ‘Prerna’ built at the parade ground